What we do


The Needs

  • Most elders we serve live off $1180 MX pesos (approx. $61 USD) per month
  • Many live in spaces that are in unsafe condition
  • Very few have access to running water or a toilet in their space
  • Many have severe health issues
  • None have the financial resources to pay for the medicines and treatments they need
  • Very few have the ability to self-advocate


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How We Help
  • We improve housing where necessary
  • We help the most destitute of our elders by paying their electricity bill
  • We bring free specialized health services such as hearing check-ups and vision exams to the community
  • We help our elders with their paperwork to apply for government benefits and government donations
  • We visit our elders regularly
  • We organize events and offer social activities such as an arts and crafts afternoon, an excercise class, birthday parties, and movie screenings.
We also have a small Shop of the Open Heart at our headquarters in Santo Domingo Tonalá, where our elders can pick and choose from an array of donated items according to their needs and desire.

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