What our elders have to say…

“I am  happy that I have a good roof  now and  a concrete floor. The dirt floor I had turned muddy when it rained and when it was dry it created a lot of dust. It was hard to keep my things clean. Also the new window makes me feel safer, I can shout out, if I need help.”

Hermila Cruz Carasco (83 yrs.)

“I really like my new hearing aid. Now I can hear everything much better, even when people speak softly.”

Julia Solano Navarrete (85 yrs.)

“I am happy with my new roof. Before you fixed my house, there was only one little area where I could sleep without getting wet. Now I also have a toilet inside my home, before I had to find a spot outside. There was no privacy and I used to get scared of falling.”

Catalina Martinez Lima (84 yrs.)

“I am feeling happy. I was very ill and now I am better. Thank you for finishing my bathroom and bringing me the vitamin powders. It is so nice to know you are looking out for me.”

Carmen Dolores Lita (91 yrs.)

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